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The owner of Dede Design/SALONE DEL SALON, Salon graduated from ISTITUTO MARANGONI majoring in Fashion Interior Design. Currently he is studying towards a Master’s Degree in Surface & Textile Design.

As one of the leading representatives of a new-generation of Chinese designers with an overseas education and training, Salon is committed to the highest quality work in his design practice.


Design is deeply connected with our lives, we believe that it is important to understand the background and requirements of each project, which are the source of inspiration and our starting point for any project.

We follow a rigorous design process that includes scope for understanding spaces and their meaning, in order to provide commercial interior designs that fulfil their purpose.


SALONE DEL SALON means “SPACE OF SPACE”. Both words form a pair. One of them symbolizes the old and east, while the other signifies the new and west.

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Commercial Design

Each project has its own unique background, and we use this as the starting point of inspiration for commercial design projects for a variety of spaces.

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residential Design

We incorporate concepts from the fashion industry into the design of private residential houses, which not only seeks to engage the unique aspects of the client in terms of form and function, but also presents a new definition of the modern spirit in the design of their home.

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architecture Design

The original beauty of the structure is combined with modern materials to engage in conversation with the authenticity of the building. Based on boundless inspiration and creativity, the logic and implementation of the combination of architecture and art are derived by combining concepts, culture, materials and other aspects.

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