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Chandooivy Fashion Brand Exhibition Hall

"Fashion designers’ role must be like architects to structure, sculptors to modeling, painters to color, musicians to harmony, and philosophers to temperance." ——Cristobal Balenciaga



Chandooivy Fashion Brand


Commercial space



Create a Tailor-made Interior Design

In this project, designers set “Capturing the Fashion Accent & Activating the Showroom Experience” as the design philosophy. By extracting the design DNA from Chandooivy, designers recreate on the language of the interior space, providing a new perspective on commercial interior design. This retail store of Chandooivy is located in Zhengdong New District of Zhengzhou. The architecture of this area is designed by famous Japanese architect Arata Isozaki. The building itself is originally designed as multi-function townhouse, which can be used for both commercial and residential purposes. To better outline its displaying function and office function, an appropriate interior design is urgently needed.

Minimalist Principle

The architecture design of this building follows the minimalist principle. It has a plane tone, yet delivers a unique temperament. The façade of the building was kept white to indicate the fashion personality of Chandooivy. With huge glass wall installed, natural lights can easily pass through, and extend freely inside the room. The glass rib and framework design ingeniously concealed the newly added mezzanine floor slab so as to make the façade bright and clean. The regular height of each floor is 5.2m, while the top floor reaches 7m. Designers use cantilevered structure and staggered space relationship to outline the circulation of the space. With the help of perspective language of design, the flow of the interior area is clearer and of much more fun walking through.

Exhibition Hall

The first floor is the exhibition space. Its simple looking façade has its hidden trick. A gate receding inwards with large class windows on both side and white mass allocated in an irregular way, provides an overview for the visitors of the items displayed inside. A purple polymethyl methacrylate partition was set right in front of the gate, capturing people’s attention with its special color and creating a stage-like effect. Exhibition areas on both side the room have elevated floors designed. The vertically placed black shelves, together with the horizontally designed lightings, create a dynamic geometric visual experience. Waling in between, one can feel the strong characteristics gathered by the Gloomy bear, as if stepping into a dazzling fashion show.

This project is a self-owned property serving as a short-term transitional space for the brand. Therefore, to better control costs and preserve future possibilities for the owner become the pain point and the challenge of this design. Staircase is designed as the connecting ribbon of this townhouse. The basement floor, 1st floor and 2nd floor is the commercial area, and the floors above are used as offices. In order to save costs, and to make sure the stair treads has sufficient width, which is no less than one meter, designers canceled the idea of rebuild the staircase. By simply adding a tempered glass railing, supplemented by rivets as reconsolidation design, they make this area looks light and stylish.

A Sense of Brightness

The first floor keeps the original cement ceiling. Grey spaces like staircase and hallways areas are literally designed in cement grey to set its industrial tone. If the first three floors are defined as industrial simple and real, the fourth floor office and the mezzanine lounge area has introduced some new ideas. They have transferred from the code grey tone to a warm wood color, injecting a sense of brightness into this incubator of ideas.

This is a project showcase the harmony between the minimalist design and the usage of perspective rules. Interior windows make the communications between different spaces become possible, and the floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows help implementing the idea of “letting lights to design”. Amid the movement of light and shadows, visitors can fully enjoy the tranquility and beauty of this place.


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