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Judy’s Patisserie Dessert Shop

Colorful fantasy "dream-making" French dessert house



Judy's Patisserie


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Directed by Wes Anderson, "The Grand Budapest Hotel" has pink and blue as its theme colors, and had therefore created a fairy-tale-like visual effect with an extremely soothing magic, delivering surreal wonderful feelings for the audience. Colors represent feelings, express emotions, and push the plot forward. For designers, the essence of color aesthetics also plays the role of magic stones in the creation of dreamy spaces. "Everyone's childhood memories are colorful. It has donuts, candy houses, and even candied haw berries by the street. These bits and pieces of colors, various circle and round shapes woven in my childhood and become its textures." Designer Salone said in the explanation of the design inspiration for Judy's Patisserie, "I have my nostalgia towards the childhood introduced into the dessert shop. Because sweetness reminds me of colors, and round shape stands for infinity. ”

Dreamy Space with Immersive Experience

Judy's Patisserie is located on the first floor of the Zhengzhou Muse Park. The combination of business and art makes small yet beautiful spaces become the new aesthetic preference. Creative architectures of shopping malls also bring vitality to the city. As visual animals, people holds good intentions towards beautiful things-- they resonate with the scenery at the corner of the street, a fixed shot or a wonderful setting. Judy's Patisserie occupies a favorable position on the street, so designers boldly use window display as the way of aura creation. Both the elegant color palette with a touch a sweetness, and the eye-catching installations invite customers from everywhere to join this dream-like journey.

Square & Round the Coexistence of the Playful & the Warm

In ancient times, Chinese people worshiped a simple philosophy of “Round Heaven & Square Earth ” for round stands for “infinite” possibilities. This “round” language appears everywhere in this dessert shop. The entrance is quite decorative with the "circle" integrated in square. It has double circle in a relatively large scale, single circle window opens, and even custom-made oval shape signboard. They have refined proportion and diversified designs.

Entering into the inside, designers stick to the “Round” theme in each and every aspect of design. From the domed ceiling to the arched floor lamp structure, and the rounded shapes of the furniture, the philosophy between round and square has been ingeniously interpreted. Looking up, one obtains the heartfelt sweetness from the hanging “candy” installation. Heads down, one gets to play and explore the circle patterns on the floor.

Detail Makes The French Elegance

Cerise dining area is the largest one. With the tone-on-tone false ceiling in plaid design and groups of symmetrical velvet sofa, it’s mysteriously charming. Living coral and cream color dining areas are on each of its side. Together with pine green cushioned sofa, these two looks more fresh and natural. Furniture used also tends to express the essence of design. For example, the table design pays homage to the sketch of Italian brand VENINI’s master products in its early stage, while the innovative leg tries to restore the lightness and exquisite beauty of the glass products.


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