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Luis Barragan, a Mexican architect, ever said, “I believe there are buildings with emotions. The life of buildings just consists in their beauty - which is very important for human beings.” Robustness, utility and agreeableness are three major principles for measuring architectural design. They are also applicable to interior design. Only if a project is endowed with pragmatic functions and agreeable aesthetic features can their designs be orderly and affective.





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Jazz-style Pub

PINETREE Bar, a jazz-style pub, small but nice. designers intend to provide more extraordinary spatial experiences with techniques. It is superior in terms of materials, taste and spatial atmosphere. It looks exquisite, unconstrained, elegant and plain, filled with post-modernist aesthetic tastes.

PINETREE Bar, located in Zhengzhou, which has a big shopwindow and the logo  placed in the middle with a simple shape. A light white ball floats on the logo, looking as if a night pearl is twinkling at dark night and attracting pairs of eyes searching something.  Above the entrance and in the area of entrance where people step into the bar, there stands a perforated metal panel. Beams of light penetrate out of the holes, giving people a feeling of warmth. It forms a contrast with the blue light at the entrance and inside the windows, perfectly presenting the building facade.

Illustrate with Space from the View of Architecture

PINETREE bar is one of “Pine” series. All “Pine” series spaces are in line with proprietors’ ultimate pursuits for pure spaces. Compared with PINE Cafe which favors the use of white textures, the PINETREE Bar is specially designed to be black by designers, so it looks tranquil and dark with high qualities. The designers aim to create a dark space like a “cavity”.

Designers recreates the space from the architectural perspective, providing diverse spatial experiences with interfaces such as glass and walls. The space echoes with the record of Chronicles of Peach Blossom Spring: “There was a small mouth on the mountain as if light were emitting from the inside. Thus, he boarded off the boat and entered from the mouth. At the mouth, it was rather narrow, and he nearly failed to enter. But after walking for 10 steps, it was quite spacious.”The dark and tranquil arts corridor is just the transitional space for finding the access to the “peach blossom land”. It is also the intersection leading towards the “cavity”. Here, what firstly comes to sight is a curtain-line lamp, from which beams of light horizontally and vertically overlap with each other. Reflected by the mirror, the light shadows appear to be brimming waves flowing in silence. On one side of the passageway, there stands a fair-faced concrete artistic wall, which looks unconstrained and free; on the other side, there is a glass wall. The walls are separated by light strips. Owing to light reflection, the narrow space looks spacious.

The corridor seems to divide the space into several parts. However, the designers are good at splitting a whole into different parts. The flexible use of space creates different flexible zones inside the bar, including counters, scattered units, VIP areas and even corridors. Spaces are partitioned by glass interface, so that they look unconnected, acting as outer and inside parts of each other.☯

Contradictory Aesthetics

Young artists’ paintings are hung on the artistic wall of the corridor. On a painting, there is blue sea, where some fishes are trapped by colored fishing net. The water looks clear and limpid, which symbolizes wonderful life. The fair-faced concrete is not quite smooth on the artistic wall, so it appears like a beach. Some wine bottles are stuck inside the shoal. The artistic tension and light shadows of the hallway form a type of contrasting antagonistic aesthetics.

For the bar area, an emphasis is placed upon material design. The wall with vertical patterns is adorned with metal rims. Furniture is pearl red, amber blue and cement grey, matched with metal bases. Tables are mostly designed with marble patterns. Hence, coldness and refreshment are combined with warmth and hotness. The counter works in concert with the VIP area, so it is a little higher. The wine rack behind the counter cascades upwards to create a sense of three-dimensionality. Transparent wineglasses, amber wine bottles and tall stools with metal rims...aim to be matched with bright and unfixed dominant colors.

The VIP room is a glass square box with red suspended ceiling. It is the only area of the bar that scenery can be appreciated beside the window, so it has fascinating spatial features. The orderly spaces are not only unique, but also set off each other. For the elegance and mysteriousness unconsciously reflected from the spaces, entrants feel as if they mistakenly enter a “peach blossom land”, where they can enjoy the tranquility in this complex and bustling world.

Interestingly, the scattered unit in the middle also takes advantage of coarseness of fair-faced concrete. The whole wall is undecorated and forms a contrast with the exquisite PINETREE”LOGO.  This better reflects contradictory and merged design aesthetics.  For the hand sink of the VIP room, fair-faced concrete is matched with marbles. Such repeated contrast highlights designers’reflection upon life - it is not only exquisite, but also complex and diverse.

Combination of Multiple Materials

The PINETREE Bar doesn’t have a special style. Multiple materials are incorporated into the space. Contrasts coexist and manifest great vitality regardless of cold metals, clear glass, coarse fair-faced concrete or noble marbles.

Lamps with different styles are used in combination inside the space. When you step into the space and wander around, you can never know what you will encounter at a corner. You might see a pendant lamp forming a contrast with the outdoor perforated metal panel, which pleases people for its simplicity and natural beauty; or you might be fascinated by the fair-faced concrete again, shocked by the appealing combination of ART DECO red and blue colors. The graceful is still graceful, while the coarse keeps plain...


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