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Tianjin 311 Photography Studio

Design Origin: History & Reborn



Tianjin 311 Photography Studio


Commercial space



Layout: From Single to Compound

New and Old, Retain and Revive. As time keeps passing by, these two must become a couple of eternal themes facing design. The old factory building is over 8 meters high, with a structure made of red blocks and steels. It’s circular-arc-shaped ceiling made of concrete seems very much like a dancing gray cloud, which is solid yet light. Through thorough study, designers reconstructed and reorganized the old building while showing its relics enough respect, making a compound space that meets multiple demands of the photography studio come into being.

“Harvard Lecture Hall”: Shaping Symmetrical Aesthetics

The founder of the studio always dreams to have this opening and interactive “Harvard Lecture Hall” introduced into the workplace, so as to meet the needs of photographing, appreciating, sharing, etc. To have this dream come true, designers precisely decided the second step of building the space structure: To Advance & Centralize.

Sense Through Floating Lights & Colors

Photography is an art of light and color, and through them, it is the authentic figure and scenery reproduced in an artistic way. The designer Salone emphasized, “We don’t want to do too much modeling in the photography studio, and we achieve interesting visual effects through the change of colors. When you look back or look down, it’s various colors that you see might have different emotions aroused in you.” Thus, rich colors such as blue, red, and green entered the studio, breaking the thick and rough sense inherent in the LOFT industrial style.

311 Photography Studio, a “Sky City” concealed within the Cotton 3rd Creative Blocks, is exporting its unaffected design aesthetics through a crazily creative manner. All the layouts and colors applied are in line with the demands of the studio. Sensing through light, designers recreated a space that naturally grows, and by integrating old and new, SALONE DEL SALON introduced vitality into this long-existed architecture.


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