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Tianjin·Z House

Haute Couture stands at the pinnacle of the fashion industry for having it own spirit and being avant-garde at the same time. We incorporate the haute couture concept into the design of the private house, paying homage to core value of European tradition, while giving the new definition for private houses from a modern perspective.



Tianjin·Z House


Residential Space



Core Of Design To Inhert·Home

At the early stage of design, the owner and designers held a discussion concerning the definition of “home”, and were all end up on the same page that home is about “inheriting”. It’s not merely sentiments that it inherits, but a lot more of life itself, the merits, cultivation and aesthetics of the whole family. What designers aim to do here is to fully deliver all these aspects in terms of visual art and spatial experiences, and also to inject a intriguing soul of the whole design, breathing life into the “house” and makes it a real “home.” Salone, SALONE DEL SALON principal, said when explaining the design concept.

The French style also comes out as an aesthetic consensus of the owner and designers. When fashion got introduced in interior decor, a splendid and fabulous outcome is what to expect for. Entering the foyer, it is the BRIGITTE collection of FENDI CASA that awaits you with its futuristic 3D-effect texture, which also reflects to the classic western temperament of this house. Double-height space, symmetrical layout and golden edging at the clapboard all embody the aristocratic spirit in a linear way.

Seperate Public & Private, An Aesthetics in Between Solid & Misty

The house has clear layers in terms of spatial layout, perfectly striking the balance between scale and proportion. Arch design in the living room ingeniously serves the consistency of the whole space, making the transition between solid and misty areas perfect artisticconnections of the 1st floor living room and dining & cooking area. Wondering around the space, what one sees is not merely complicated angle lines or crisp linear shapes, but more of a world of beauty that is consisted of art, modelings and colors.

Haute Couture Brings Quality, Cut A Break For Life

The tranquil second floor includes master suite, the daughter’s room, family room and the study. The master suite follows the principle of symmetrical aesthetics of design, while to exude a sense of palace-like luxury through the material textures of, for example, the dark green velvet bed background wall. The HUG sofa chair is the classic design of Giorgetti, which perfectly explains the brand’s way of interpret the beauty of curves. The infinite curve resembles a warm hug, reminding people of a soothing and heart-warming feeling.

After three years of grinding and contemplating, designers maximize the usable area of the house, make the circulation as dynamic as possible for future needs, and integrate functions and aesthetics ingeniously with details taken care of in a supreme way, so as to meet the owner’s expectation of making “inheriting” possible in this house. As the major dwelling space, the owner looks forward to bringing wonderful pieces of life into this “home” in the future years. “The designer’s work has come to an end, and it’s now the brand new beginning of the owners life. Hope that time settles at this house, leaving them textures and stories of life itself. ”


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