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Life needs whitespace. Whitespace is a kind of “doing nothing is better than doing all” state, which allows us to think and imagine.




Residential Space



Avoid complexity and leave a whitespace to balance your mind.

The reason why Chinese painting has artistic conception is because of the value of “Drawing-Blank”. Su Shi once said: “To pursue the sparseness, freedom and nature is the best way of creating a wonderful work of art.” Drawing-Blank is a classic technique of painting, is also the law of life, yet the way to do interior design. Creating a minimalist residence conforms to the rhythm of the development of the Times, and provides a quiet space for those who want to get away from the complex environment to appease self. The almost twenty years old apartment has been here for her as a shelter for seventeen years, which was full of the old traces. However, as a director, she is so fatigued in the long-period and complicated work. She hopes that there will be a space for her to let her return to the most relaxed and comfortable state in the reconstruction of her old apartment.

The delicate balance between the invisible and visible design.

The living room was insufficient lighting, no porch, and the distribution of the three rooms was relatively limited, the original master bedroom suite storage and toilet position were slightly unreasonable, and also need to be divided according to the demand in the old three-bedroom and 200 square meters' apartment. After, the designer provide the solution and optimizing reconstruction of design plan: 1. According to then requirements of the owner, designer decided to adjust the location of master bedroom to form an independent cloakroom. 2. Designer compressed the apse of living room to create a slightly intimate atmosphere. 3. The combination of dinning room, kitchen and balcony forms a social space. 4. The loopback traffic flow let the space be efficiently used. 5. The activity and rest areas are divided more reasonable. 6. The function of space is more complete to ensure that all the requirements of the owner.

Master the proportion of space and build a retreat with scale

“Proportion is rational, concrete and standard, but scale is perceptual and abstract.” At the entrance, the designer added a cabinet to improve the space of packing stuffs, meanwhile, it also divided the space through compress the area of living room to achieve an intimate attribute. The design should not only satisfy the space maximization, but also need to achieve the optimization of living room’s structure. No matter lies on the carpet to enjoy a leisure time, or invite friends and relatives together to have a party, the clean and comfort environment can provide a current atmosphere at any time.

Augustine once said, "Beauty is the proper proportion of the parts, with a color that is pleasing to the eye." Designer chose the cute chair POLY POLY which seems like the legs of elephant to adorn artistic feeling. Injected a bit of red in the space is to let the calm environment have more passion.

Zhuang Zi once said, ‘at the empty spaces, the mind will become pure, and nothing else exists, all auspicious things disappear into the realm of stillness.’ The meaning is that only empty room looks bright, but if the room is full of things, the light will not be let in. Actually our mind is just like the room. Only when the noise and disorder are cleared out, and the dust that blinds our mind is swept away, can our mind become clear and clear.

One room, a couple, three meals, four seasons

The kitchen and dinning room are always the places that have warmth most, the combination of balcony and dining-room gives the space more romantic atmosphere. Meanwhile, the kitchen area with open social attributes allows you to have more opportunities for interaction with her. The combination area has more feeling of open, relaxed and free of social attribute than the living room.

The soft decoration also needs appropriate “scale”, too much decoration bring people a kind of invisible pressure; but lesser decoration will make people feel empty and boring. So balance the control of scale, combined with the adjustment of color, the atmosphere of the space and beauty can naturally highlight and come out.

Double doors of master bedroom provide the convenience for the parents to the children room, yet assure that the traffic flow from the room to the restroom is appropriate. The double basins ensure that the use of restroom for two people will not be interference. The designer did not use the regular way to pave the bricks, a few bricks mix together to pave is a nice choice which stretched the dimensional feeling, showed the levels, and add more interests in this space.

People often want to do things satisfactorily, without regret, and in the pursuit of perfection tirelessly on the road, but often end up in a "dilemma" situation. In fact, life is like: "Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme." There is no absolute perfection at all. When the flowers are blooming, they are more likely to be picked. Whitespace is the aesthetic of life.


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