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Yulin Timber Exhibition Hall

Architecture should define its existence between the past and future. ——Robert A. M. Stern



Yulin Timber


Commercial space




Inspired by the Pantheon of Rome The interior is designed from the viewer's perspectiveBy extracting, deconstructing and rearranging classic architectural elements,The design interprets the sense of dignity and ritual in a modern language.In the context of modern lifestyle, it creates an immersive artistic experience.

As a leading brand of China's wooden product industry, Yulin Timer holds "Taste, Professionalism and Individuality" as its philosophy. How to interpret these beliefs in the exhibition hall becomes the starting point of this design. This project drew inspiration from the Rome Pantheon, created a mix and match space of Eastern humanities and the Western lifestyles, creating a harmoniously differentiated urban living area and an ultimately diversified experience.


The hotel style layout of front of house area creates a sense of ritual. Inspired by the Palace Castellane of Marseille, designer introduced a black and white linear design, laying the modern tone of the contemporary urban life in this area with its symmetrical structure. The star product of Yulin Timer is applied to the wall. The solemnity of marble and the elegance of metal presents a humble luxurious first impression to the visitors.


The business function of this exhibition hall is intentionally weakened by emphasizing experience while using products as supports. Wandering round the exhibition hall, viewers get to explore whatever they are truly interested in and to stop in front of whichever scene they feel like to. It is a space that provides authentic experience. The design visualizes Yilin’s philosophy of “Focusing on Individuality of Every Clients” by presenting a desirable quality life and ideal home.


The array of bamboo slips and scrolls in the aisle are arranged in concave and convex design, so as to rebuild the order for the space. Joined by people, light and shadow, it creates a poetic ink painting-like environment.


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